Functional Capacity - JTECH

- Provides data about an individuals physical abilities
- May be evaluated for a specific job description
- Useful in determining
     - Work status
     - Employee tolerance
     - Strength and physical capabilities
     - Employers receive results to keep on file

Drug Testing

- Urine drug analysis
- Customized testing for your business needs
- Random screening schedules available

Alcohol Testing 

- Post accident 
- Random/regular testing

Audiometric Testing 

- Tested with a frequency range between 1kHz to 8 kHz
- Detailed report provided to employer 

Pulmonary Function Testing 

- Measures lung capacity 
- Detailed report provided to employer 

Medical Review Services 

- Medical experts provide detailed reports 
- Independent Medical Evaluations 
- Peer-Review services 

Employment Services
Packages available